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Whether you’re a remote working veteran or just getting started, use these resources to keep your teams informed, engaged and productive while working from home.

Six Simple Steps to Get Started with Remote Work
Six Simple Steps to Get Started with Remote Work

Six Simple Steps to Get Started with Remote Work

New to remote working? This guide will make it easy to get started.

Guide | 4 min read

Best Practices for Working from Home
Best Practices for Working from Home

Best Practices for Working from Home

Start as you mean to go on with our guide to good habits for home working.

Article | 4 min read

Remote Working Guide for Managers
Remote Working Guide for Managers

Remote Working Guide for Managers

If you’re new to managing remote teams follow these 10 tips to ensure you get the basics right.

Article | 4 min read

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FAQs about working from home

The work from home best practice most often neglected by people is self-care. Building a routine, setting your boundaries and staying connected with your social communities are ways to practice self-care while working from home.

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When team members are working from home, you can maintain team culture with regular team meetings, encouraging virtual lunches, and keeping things fun with gif challenges via chat where everyone sends a gif that represents their upcoming evening or weekend plans.

Choosing the right format for your audience and having help available should anything go wrong are two important things to keep in mind when moving to digital events.

Read our 3 other tips for hosting virtual events

Taking breaks to separate from your work for a healthy snack, a workout or even just a mental break are three ways you can stay healthy while working from home.

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Home working made easy

Home working made easy

Workplace keeps remote workers informed and connected with familiar tools like Live video, chat and groups so you hold effective meetings, capture people’s attention and keep projects on track.

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Just getting started with Workplace? Use this Quick Start Pack to help you successfully deploy Workplace. You'll also find best practices to help you and your employees get the most out of your new work tool.

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Calls with Portal

Using Portal with Workplace

Bring the office to you. With smart video calling on Portal, your laptop is free to help you be more productive throughout your workday.

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Your Guide to Workplace Chat

The Complete Guide to Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat allows you to message colleagues in real-time, as well as send files, stickers, GIFs and emojis. You can switch from text to video at the touch of a button, or join your colleagues in group video calls.

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Driving culture through connection

Abby and Paloma explore how organizations are using communications strategies to connect people and build culture.

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Building the right remote working culture

Discover the fundamentals of creating culture in a remote working world so you can ensure your people feel supported and connected to each other and your company.

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Staying Connected When Apart

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has shown just how important it is to maintain open lines of communication with employees at all times. This is easier when businesses are connected.

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How to Work in Workplace

New to Workplace? Get everything you need to know in this live training hosted every week on the Workplace Academy.

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Keep Employees Informed in a Crisis

Learn how to use Workplace to keep people informed and connected during a crisis.

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A Workplace Academy Course

This e-learning course walks you through best practices to help you and your team stay productive while working remotely.

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Remote working engagement campaigns

Empowering remote and dispersed teams means giving them the resources to communicate, share and build meaningful connections. Here are our tips for engaging remote employees and building a connected culture.

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Keep employees engaged while working from home with Employee Engagement Campaigns

How our customers are doing it

World Health Organization logo

"Workplace ‘ticks the box’ on our need to communicate, engage and connect real-time with our colleagues around the world, especially during this public health emergency of international concern."

World Health Organization

Carey Kyer, Lead – Internal Communications

Moneypenny logo

"Workplace is used every day to share updates, practical health advice, emotional advice and much more. It also provides an open forum for staff to ask questions and receive instant feedback."


Joanna Swash, CEO

VietCredit logo

"We’ve set up a default group on Workplace and added everybody in the company. We have a pinned post at the top of the group with clear instructions on how to prevent the virus. We’ve even created pictures to make the information more useful and engaging."


Tien Nguyen Hoang Nhat,
Head of Internal Communications

Sun Life logo

"Workplace has been a great tool for us to communicate during the outbreak. We’ve seen an increase in posts as employees use Workplace to virtually connect and share with each other when it’s not possible to be together in person."

Sun Life

Lindsay Devereux, Senior Manager, Communications

Get more from remote work with Workplace partners

Get More from Remote Work with Workplace Partners

Even better, you can improve your meeting experience by activating Workplace on Portal. Portal is a video communications device with Smart Camera and Smart Sound that brings a professional video calling experience to your home office.It allows everyone in your company to be apart together.

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